60 and counting

A picture from an earlier visit to Wales, not too far from the Pilgrim Path that I’ll be taking


This is a blog that I’m writing for my 60 km walk for my 60th birthday.

It is a walk of reflection.

I’m doing this walk as a way of coping with the fact that I’m reaching my 60th birthday but neither of my children will ever reach that age, as they have both predeceased me. My children, Pax and Catherine, will accompany me on this journey I hope, but if so, they will be invisible to the eye.

It’s 60 km not 60 miles, because that would be too far. I haven’t been in the best of health (knee replacement and kidney removal for cancer less than 2 years ago), so I also won’t be doing it in one day.

And as I walk, I will blog, reflecting as the kilometres pass at the years of my life and what has gone before.

If you happen to fall upon this page and decide you’d like to sponsor my walk (before or after I walk it!) in honour of a good cause because this story is touching you, then here’s my Just Giving page in support of the Samaritans. 

My chosen location for the walk is more or less part of the Pilgrim Route on the Llyn Peninsula in West Wales – the coastal path . But my route may not be contiguous as I’m not up to cliff edges or precipitous climbs or descents.


This blog is going to be “60 and counting”. It isn’t going to stop on my sixtieth birthday. Life continues. 60 km and counting, 60 years and counting.


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