Where we’re heading – help me get there!

We’re about to drive to the Llyn Peninsula in West Wales. I’ve never been there before and if you haven’t either, then here’s an external link for this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

The route I’m going to be taking for the 60 kms will be more or less the last sections of the North Wales Pilgrim Path . This coincides with the coastal path, which I’ve already done some of.

As a PS for my friends who have been keeping track of my various activities, lots of you have already done a kind deed in Catherine’s memory to coincide with her birthday 19th June. If you have’t done it yet, then here’s an easy way – sponsor my walk with a donation to Samaritans. However small or big, every little bit helps. How about £6, 6 Euro, or $6?

Here’s the JustGiving link 

I have a modest target – £60 – and am halfway there. Can you get me to the sponsorship target?

The walking I will do on my own steam!

On a different note: There is so much sorrow going on in the world right now, not least the nightmare for the residents, friends and family of Grenfell Tower, but of course not forgetting the migrants fleeing conflict, the starving of Africa, the victims of war… our hearts can break for all of this sorrow. As I walk and reflect, I will also be praying for all of these people whose lives are so incredibly difficult. For the bereaved. For the lonely. For those with terminal diagnoses.

I’ll be blessed to come home at the end of my journey to our cosy home and garden, which is so much more than millions of others can dream of. There are no adequate words.



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