Done 45 kms so far. 2 days walk in heatwave. Lost the path at various points…never been much good at directions…but I get there in the end.

It is a solitary walk with a lot of time for reflection. I will write more about that later. Sometimes the bits of the walk seemed to coincide with life’s events, with each km corresponding with a year, like crossing a footbridge when we moved from Southend to Manchester when I was a child, or getting almost stuck in mud in a cow pasture coinciding with the unhappy last years of my first marriage. 😊

Yesterday was Catherine’s birthday so many of my thoughts were on her.

The views have been magnificent. I will have to post pix later as they’re mostly on the camera. But no rush, as I don’t have hardly anybody reading this and sadly I haven’t reached the fundraising target. You never know, maybe it will still happen.

I will keep walking regardless.

Great white seals basking on rocks

Just getting going. It is an unspoilt coastline

Looking back where I’ve walked

Sunset…back at our accommodation, a bit the worse for wear


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